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PCB Etching Machine And How to Make One

A PCB laser etching machine can be used to remove any unneeded material on your PCB through the process of etching.

You can do this by simply spraying out the sections to be removed and using your PCB etching machine to remove the unwanted areas.

1.PCB laser etching machine

Notice that most laser etchers utilize vector files to print. However, before you start printing, you need to develop a correct schematic of your components and build traces.

The PCB etching machine should then cut out anything you think is not part of the trace.

To help the laser cut away everything other than the trace, we recommend making the background black if your board is white.

You should then draw 1.5pt lines, which are the minor lines you can draw on a PCB board for etching purposes.

In a case where you are making a double-sided board, ensure that everything is lined up and try to be efficient.

PCB Etching Machine1.png

Using a laser gives beautiful results, but you may not be ready to etch your board. Ensure that any paint residue left on copper is etched or block the solution from carving the board.

You may need to soak a q-tip in isopropyl or ethyl to remove the paint and spread it out to the exposed copper.

It helps to polish the copper and prepares it for etching. You may use paint thinner or Xylene to remove any stubborn black paint on the board.

It leaves you with a brilliant circuit that is ready to be etched.

Now PCBs have a wide range of applications.

Therefore, it requires that they are appropriately marked if you want them to remain efficient. Laser marking helps to make your work easier.

It does not require the use of chemicals or inks and will allow you to mark your board and make etching easier sequentially.


The PCB Etching machine was invented to help with the etching process by dissolving PCB effectively and efficiently.

With this machine, you no longer have to dissolve your PCB manually by moving the solvent vessel. Etching PCB manually required that you use HCL and water.

The PCB should then be put on a tray or in a boat for etching. Unfortunately, this process is slow and prone to accidents and spills.

In some cases, the desired PCB may end up getting damaged.

PCB Etching Machine2.png

It is from this background that a PCB solvent that could help dissolve copper in PCB was invented. The PCB etching machine works by moving the prepared etchant solution through aeration to help accelerate the etching of PCB.

The device works depending on your PCB size. The machine is capable of etching ten pieces of PCBs per hour.

Compared to what can be accomplished manually, 6 PCB per hour, we conclude that PEM is more efficient and increases PCB production.

Also, the machine charges the etchant solution, which is dangerous when inhaled.

3.Diy PCB Etching Machine

Constructing your etching machines helps you to save money and time. You can build one by using a detergent container of length 25 cm, width 13, and height 6 cm.

You will then need to use a knife to cut out an area where you will need to place your PCB. To get the best results, you may need to leave some space at the edge of your container.

This is important because it prevents the etching solution from spilling out.

PCB Etching Machine3.png

For a PCB that measures 9cm x 7cm, you will need to use one teaspoonful of Ferric Chloride, which should be diluted with 70 ml of water. Using this method allows you to use the least amount of Ferric Chloride. It forms an etching solution that can etch any PCB as long as it is entirely submerged.

Constructing the Motor Drive System

This is the most difficult part but it is simple if you can follow the following tips.

First, all you need to do is to buy a wooden bar from the local hardware. Cut it to the required size and make a supporting beam. Secure your motor on the shaft and the base.

Cut another wooden bar 15 cm long and nail it on the side of the box. It secures the motor in place.

The motor to be mounted should be a 12 Vdc with a moderate speed that can be controlled easily.

You may need a car power window to help you drive the machine. Use screws to hold the car window power and the gears in place. The final product will look as below.   

You may then add a timer control and a stopper switch, allowing you to control the PCB and help it stop at a predefined position.

This will enable you to leave the machine doing its work and will stop at the predetermined time.

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