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*Minimum Drill Hole Size: 0.3mm
*Minimum Trace Width/Spacing: 5/5mil
*Silk Screen: BlackNoneWhiteYellow
*Material: Standard FR4
*Board Thickness(mm):
*Surface Finish: Lead Free HASLLeaded HASL
*finished Copper: 1oz

For your First Order: Get 3 pieces of one or two-layer PCBs in various colors and thicknesses at just $1 (excluding shipping). Quality and customer care are the same as regular service. Board dimensions must be within 100 x 100mm to qualify for a special price. Only one $1 order per shipment.

Looking for more options or PCB assembly services? Check out the WellPCB Advanced PCB services or contact us.

Please do not leave special requirements on the order form. This is for logistics purposes only and will be ignored during the production stage.

To save on disappointment, please double check your design files to avoid errors. We will not be held responsible for errors in the files.