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10 Experiences about Making PCB in China

If you take a look at your daily life, you will likely notice a significant increase in automotive industries and consumer electronics that are lately affecting your work and life. What are the experiences of making PCB in China?


While there might be a few complaints are coming from unhappy customers, a majority of individuals who order their PCB from China report a pleasant experience. I raised some typical questions today, hoping to help friends who want to buy products in China, avoid some failure experiences, and get perfect services and products. Let’s start!

If you take a look at your daily life, you will likely notice a significant increase in automotive industries and consumer electronics lately affecting your work and life. What are the experiences of making PCB in China?

While there might be a few complaints are coming from unhappy customers, a majority of individuals who order their PCB from China report a pleasant experience. I raised some typical questions today, hoping to help friends who want to buy products in China, avoid some failure experiences, and get perfect services and products. Let’s start!

Full Turnkey Service or PCB Manufacturing Only

If there’s a good reason as to why you should buy in China, then it is based on the fact that most Chinese firms are very ready to assist you with either full turnkey services or only the manufacturing services only. Complete turnkey assembly means that your supplier will take care of the PCB project’s entire steps, such as the procurement of components and parts.

Mostly, with a full turnkey solution, you stand greater freedom of focusing on the design of PCBs while the supplier handles other operations. Full/complete turnkey is a service offered by almost all PCB manufacturers in China. Additionally, if you only need PCB manufacturing services – PCB fabrication, multi-layer PCB, PCB design services-, rest assured of finding them cheaply with Chinese firms.

Some of the advantages associated with full turnkey services are that it’s ideal for start-ups and small businesses and an efficient and highly cost-effective way of assembling and testing circuit boards.

PCB production inspection.jpg

Import-Module, Purchase Parts

If there is a problem that affects a majority of PCB users, then it is finding the right parts or components that are ideal for their boards. When errors occur, it becomes a problematic exercise navigating through languages while dealing with matters concerning time zones. It will cause a lot of trouble with your production process. And it isn’t elementary to solve later.

But when it comes to making in China, rest assured of many parts and components readily available in the market for purchase. 80% of PCB made in China are solved through large and experienced channels and through iterations, which finally solves parts procurement and manufacturing.

Better yet, these parts go through several tests by authorized dealers in the country through iterations and experienced channels, an aspect that solves the challenges of manufacturing and the procurement of components.

Example diagram of a PCB assembly.jpg

Know About Capabilities and Services

A significant factor about making your PCB in China instead of the U.S. or any other country is the capabilities and services you stand to find across Chinese PCB makers. If you take a comparative look between Chinese PCB makers and the rest, you’ll notice that Chinese manufacturers have many solder mask to prevent leakage of electrical and thermal components. Be sure to discuss with your PCB supplier about the capabilities compared to the rest.

A majority of them offer quick-turn PCB prototyping, low-cost volume production, and PCB Assembly. Additionally, plenty of Chinese PCB makers are highly specialized in precision and the manufacture of large scale PCB. That’s not all. Chinese PCB makers typically offer you a quote in less than 48 hours compared to those in the U.S. who’ll take long to report back.

Better yet, plenty of Chinese PCB makers offer attractive after-sales services and are ready to bear the costs of their own mistakes in addition to undertaking several tests before the completion of their products.

Inspection of PCB production.jpg

SMT Stencil Service

Surface mount technology, also referred to as SMT, in short, is a component assembly technology that’s related to printed circuit boards. SMT is one of the best techniques out there based on the fact that it can achieve higher reliability and density packages and reduced costs. Currently, this technology is widely highly used for the low-cost and assembly of consumer electronics.

Unlike other jurisdictions where it may be challenging to find a wide range of SMT stencil services, it is not the same in China. Here, you can find several SMT stencils, such as unframed, framed, and prototype stencils. A PCB board manufacturer in China is more ready to assist you with SMT stencil services than those found elsewhere.

Surface mount technology.jpg

Delivery Method

When it comes to printed circuit boards, you would want to work with a company that promises you short delivery times. As noted earlier, China controls a significant global PCB market with plenty of engineers choosing to order their PCB from China.

But why do a lot of people and companies choose to order from China? There are plenty of reasons as to why they do so. However, one of the biggest reasons is because nearly all Chinese PCB makers partner with reputable logistic partners such as DHL, UPS, and S.F Express, among others, to deliver their packages on time.

Depending on your location, you can consult Chinese suppliers directly. I directly made them ship to Australia every time without any additional customs clearance costs and customs issues. Of course, you can also packaging and shipping services and are very worry-free.

Besides the shipping methods, Chinese PCB makers calculate your shipping cost for you before shipping. Additionally, their packaging is excellent.

Shipping of goods from the warehouse.jpg

Method of Payment

As a customer, you need assurance that your trusted way of handling money is acceptable to the seller. It would be frustrating to buy a PCB prototype or a complete product, only to find that you have limited payment options.

When it comes to payment options, Chinese PCB makers have multiple payment options in place that are very convenient for nearly all customers. Those who prefer using PayPal, credit/debit cards, and direct bank transfers will find dealing with Chinese PCB makers one of the best experiences ever. WellPCB also accepts VISA.

Diversified payment methods.jpg

Online Ordering is Encouraged

Most of China’s PCB market is overseas. Having customers flying into China to make these purchases is a waste of time, money, and relevant resources, considering that you can achieve it over the internet. That’s why a majority of PCB manufacturers ensure that their ordering process is fast and easy. To save customers of headaches that come with the traditional ordering process, most of them now have in place a hassle-free online ordering process.

If you happened to order PCB from China, you’d notice how autonomous and fast it is to make an order. Besides only takes a few minutes, you can easily track your order before it arrives at your doorstep. Better yet, Chinese makers can provide you with inspection certificates and invoices if you need them.

Online ordering with a computer.jpg

Communication Efficiency

Business entities with excellent communication skills have a more significant impact on their clients. Efficient communication is a company or a person’s ability to deliver a message in a clear and short time. Being able to put in place efficient communication brings positive impacts to a company, bringing about improved morale, efficiency, and productivity.

When it comes to communication efficiency, Chinese PCB makers score high points. Looking at their communication platforms, you’ll notice that plenty of them have several means of communicating with their customers. Unlike PCB makers from other countries with limited interaction platforms, the same is different when looking at Chinese PCB makers.

For example, WellPCB, one of the most successful PCB makers in China, has more than four communication channels to interact with their customers. You can communicate with them through the Internet, phone, mail, and other channels.

Any questions can answer immediately. It will save you a lot of time.

Communication in the network concept.jpg

Local Manufacturers Struggle to Compete on Cost

Even though the price is not the only factor, you’ll realize that plenty of Chinese PCB is somewhat cheap if you’ve been keen enough. Better yet, a majority of PCB makers here do not compromise on quality at the expense of price.

That’s not all. While local manufacturers struggle to compete on matters to do with cost, most Chinese PCB pass not only high-quality standards but also a couple of environmental certification policies. Making or ordering your PCB from China is cheap, with no hidden costs.  

Man works in a formal PCB fabrication factory.jpg

Strict Rules and Regulations

China has some laws and regulations for ordering printed circuit boards, but the advantage of doing so is that such rules will have legal guarantees. Will not harm your rights.

I once had a friend who encountered a half-way stoppage. Because there are no strict rules and regulations, their rights are harmed.

In China, there are also clear regulations for orders on holidays or other special occasions. Several different rules and regulations cover essential aspects, such as factory delays or shipping errors. These need to be brought to your attention because this will affect your product progress. Usually, Chinese PCB companies have strict systems, and you can rest assured to communicate with them.

Fair transactions with strict rules and regulations.jpg


PCB is vital in the current modern world. With technology continually improving, so is the need to come up with state-of-the-art electronics and gadgets aimed at powering these advancements, an area where PCB plays a vital role.

There are many factors to consider when finding a reliable PCB turnkey service provider. Delivery time, price, quality, safety, etc. I hope my experience can help you with your production in China. While there are plenty of good PCB makers across the globe, China is the most prominent location for the production and sale of printed circuit boards.

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