PCB Fabrication Service Comparison

PCB Fabrication Parameters


For most PCB Manufacturers, there are similar specific PCB parameters that are considered to affect the PCB price the most. These parameters include: the PCB size, the number of PCB layers, the PCB Solder mask color, the PCB Thickness, the PCB Silkscreen, the PCB Copper Weight, the PCB Surface Finish, the PCB Trace size, PCB Stencil and the PCB Quantity and Quality. There are still other factors that affect the cost of PCB Fabrication. Such factors include; the location where the PCB is being shipped and the time taken to fabricate a PCB and ship it. All the factors mentioned here should be considered when choosing an appropriate PCB Manufacturer. One should look for a good compromise between the price, quality and the time taken to complete the whole job. In the following sections, we shall compare some of the common online PCB Manufacturers. This comparison will be based on estimate from online PCB calculators. To get the correct quotation, visit the website. You realize that different PCB Manufacturers have varied specializations. Some may focus on small PCBs orders and others large PCB orders. Other manufactures may focus on quality. This means that the prices will be best if your preference matches the manufacturers preference. The comparison below is meant to give you a rough estimate about how much it would cost you to get similar 10pieces of 2 − layer 100 × 60/100mm PCB.

ITEAD Studio

ITEAD can be accessed online through itead.cc. It is an online PCB Fabrication platform that manufacture various electronic modules and shields. Some of their products includes Sonoff device, Nextion HMI, and hobby kits. One can easily get a PCB Quote online from their website. To estimate, manufacturing 10pieces of 2−layer Green PCB Boards will cost around $20USD. This costs around $40USD to ship to United States through DHL within 14days.

Seeed Studio

Seeed Studio is a PCB Manufacturer based in China. Orders can be made directly from an online platform; seeedstudio.com by submitting the PCB Design files. To manufacture 10pieces of 2−layer Green PCB Boards will cost around $10USD in total. This will cost around $35USD in total to manufacture and ship to United States through DHL within 13days.


WellPCB is a professional PCB factory which is part of Uniwell Circuits Company. They specialize in large volumes of PCB; from single to complicated multilayer PCBs. You can also get quick PCB prototype services. This is convenient especially to hobbyists and researchers who need relatively small volumes. Their online platform can be accessed at wellpcb.com. From their website online PCB calculator, manufacturing 10pieces of 100 × 60mm 2 − layer PCB will cost you around $27USD. This cost gets much lower with increase in the number of PCB ordered.

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EasyEDA is an online PCB specialist platform; easyeda.com. They specialize in PCB Design and Manufacturing. You can do PCB Design using their free online PCB Design software. When you register with EasyEDA, you get $5USD Coupon. For all the PCBs ordered, you get a 100% E-test; which is an attractive service. To get your 10pieces of Green 2 − layer 100 × 60mm PCB, it will cost you around $8.4USD. This translates to around $37.2USD to manufacture all the boards and ship via DHL within 6days.


With ALLPCB, you can get PCBs with as low as $5USD. The allpcb.com online platform uses the HQPCB factory which is based in China but you can opt JDBPCB Manufacturer. To manufacture 10pieces of 100 × 60mm 2 − layer PCB, it will cost you around $5.4USD. This amounts to roughly $30.5USD to get everything done and shipped via DHL within 6days.