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Express PCB

As a PCB Designer, sometimes you want your PCB Prototype made fast and shipped within a short time. This is where Express PCB comes in handy. An Express PCBs Service like that of wellpcb.com ensures that you get your PCB within five days.

When you specify that you want an Express PCB, a PCB Service, and a quote, that will give your order a higher priority in manufacturing. One obvious thing that comes with Express PCBs is that it has a much higher price tag but, still affordable.

Express PCB.png

Express PCBs Service saves you money and time, especially if you are a commercial PCB Designer and you need to deliver your prototypes to where they are needed quickly.

As a professional PCB designer, you should always see if your PCB Prototype manufacturer has an Express PCBs Service; should you need it someday, or should you ever have some PCB Batch that needs to be manufactured and shipped to your desired address within a short time.

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