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11 Minefields to Get PCB Quotes Online

Unlike traditional business models, business corporations today mostly occur through the internet. This is more convenient and cheaper than business through personal meetings and discussions. Unfortunately, these internet business practices come with their pitfalls. This article focuses on the common errors customers make while ordering PCB boards. Additionally, you can also learn how to get the best online PCB board price through this article.

Unlike traditional business models, business corporations today mostly occur through the internet. This is more convenient and cheaper than business through personal meetings and discussions. Unfortunately, these internet business practices come with their pitfalls. This article focuses on the common errors customers make while ordering PCB boards. Additionally, you can also learn how to get the best online PCB Quotes through this article.

Is the Company You are Looking for on the Internet Authentic?

Check if the company has a reputation for making professional-grade and high-quality PCBs. Moreover, ensure that the company has undergone proper certification and registration processes. Many fake and duplicate websites are available online that targets unsuspecting customers. Take care not to fall into such traps.

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Does the Company Offer Reasonable PCB Board Prices?

The PCB depends on features like the base material, board type, board size, layout, and design. PCB types such as double-sided leads are generally more expensive than single-sided points. It is because they use more solder and require SMT machine programming. Moreover, the quantity of PCB components significantly affects the PCB board price.

Before confirming your order, make a thorough PCB price comparison with other companies. A PCB price comparison will usually help you find a suitable PCB board price within your range. If the prices are either too high or too low compared to other companies, find the reason behind it. Some companies with more substantial process capability can manage to sell PCBs for a little cost.

However, keep in mind that a low PCB price does not always ensure a PCB of the highest quality. On the contrary, a cheap PCB might make use of low-quality raw materials. A look at the general market price of PCBs will give you a better idea of the range of PCB board price. Also, keep in mind that the more complicated the PCB design, the higher the PCB price.

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Does the Company Offer Both Online and Offline Quotes?

Most online companies today offer the option to generate instant quotes before ordering. These instant quotes are usually reliable and come very close to the factory charges. All you need to do is upload the various properties of your PCB. This includes its layer, quantity, thickness, dimension, and so on. This way, the online calculator can instantly provide a referential PCB board price.

However, sometimes you may need a more detailed and accurate quote. In such cases, the company has the responsibility to provide quotes from experts. The faster they provide the quote by experts, the better. Whether the quote is automatic or manual, it should not have significant variations from each other. A transparent price structure is the indicator of a reliable and reputable company.

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What is the Factory Size of the Supplier?

Ensure that the company has the infrastructure for manufacturing PCB boards of high-quality. Infrastructure facilities play a significant role in the success rate of PCB manufacturers. A company without the necessary support for PCB manufacturing is highly unreliable. Additionally, it should utilize advanced manufacturing technology for the production of PCBs.

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Does the Company Have the Facilities for Customization?

Custom made PCBs are the most crucial and reliable part of any electronic devices or designs. Thus, ensure that the company can support and deliver the specific features of your PCB. It would help if you only opted for a company that has a state of the art manufacturing facilities. They should also be able to offer all the custom components necessary for your PCB.

The company needs to do several things before beginning the manufacturing process. First of all, it should gain a proper understanding of the requirements of the customer. Similarly, they should also study the custom design in detail. Before placing the order, discuss your plan with the company professionals. Make sure that the manufacturer pays attention to even the smallest details. Also, make sure to convey where you intend to use the PCB and the exact purpose of its use. Various features of your PCB – such as its thickness – can depend mainly on this aspect.

The company should also cater to your specific requirements like frequency and temperature. Also, professional-grade PCBs undergo rigorous testing before becoming available at the market. Testing machines and programs are a critical element to ensure the quality of PCBs. Therefore, make sure the company follows the correct testing methods and procedures — Will help to detect possible PCB failures in the early stage itself.

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Does the Supplier do the Delivery and Shipping Within the Stipulated Time?

Go through trustworthy customer reviews to see if the company does the delivery on time. Timely delivery is crucial for maintaining a good relationship between supplier and customer. Fast turnaround time usually means that the company is reliable. Inevitably, a company with qualified and experienced professionals delivers and ships on time. Moreover, the company should be able to fulfill urgent requirements as well. In short, with the right supplier, you will be able to save your precious time and money.

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Does the Company Make use of Raw Materials of the Highest Quality?

PCBs made from poor quality raw materials will end up having many issues after assembly.  You will have to waste a lot of time and money to fix such errors.  The type and size of raw materials can affect the PCB board price as well. Moreover, there is no way to find the root cause of such issues that arise from poor manufacturing. All you can do is make sure that the company you order from maintains professional levels of quality. Additionally, ensure that the company follows the correct manufacturing methods.

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Does the Company Have the Necessary ISO and UL Certifications?

These professional testing agencies certify that the PCBs meet the necessary safety standards. UL and its rules for compliance ensure that the PCBs undergo rigorous testing. These tests occur before the product comes to the market. For instance, the PCBs need to meet the flammability standards of UL. UL covers a broad range of things and ensures that the product complies with its rigid rules. 

Moreover, the company should adhere to the standards of the ordering, ensure that the company manufactures PCBs with UL and ISO certification. 

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PCB Quotes–Does the Supplier Offer the Option to Track Your Orders?

Ensure that the company you are dealing with remains transparent at all stages. This means the company should let you keep track of each step of the PCB board manufacturing process. You should have the option to check your PCB status online. Moreover, the company should update you on each step of the manufacturing process. Also, you should be able to track the shipping status of your PCB board.

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PCB Quotes–Does the Company Ensure Customer Privacy?

Ensure that the company is reliable and does not sell your information to third parties. Unfortunately, this is a common risk that occurs during internet dealings. Many websites collect confidential information from customers. Afterward, they sell it to third party companies for profit. Therefore, take care not to compromise your privacy or security during such transmissions.

PCB Quotes– Does the Company Provide Adequate Customer Support?

A speedy and responsive technical and after-sales support is a must for PCB ordering. At the time of the order, the company should be able to provide adequate technical support. Furthermore, they should be able to answer any queries from your side. The support should be available around the clock for the customers.

Moreover, the company should communicate correctly with you even if you are not an expert on PCBs. For instance, they should be able to point out the errors present in your design. They should also suggest modifications to improve the efficiency of the PCB further. Make sure that both sides of the customer and the supplier are well aware of all aspects of the PCB board.

Additionally, if there are any errors or defects in your order, the company should respond at once. Minor mistakes can sometimes occur in a PCB. However, timely rectification by a responsive team can remedy all such failures. In such cases, the company should proceed quickly to solutions like repair or refund.

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While ordering a PCB board online, choosing the right manufacturer is essential. No matter who you are – a wholesaler or a regular customer, dealing with PCB suppliers online is hard. Several minefields await you in the vast world of online business platforms.

However, if you take note of a few things, the process of choosing a PCB will become much more comfortable. Several factors of PCB, like its price, speed, quality, and efficiency, are critical here. Moreover, these tips can also help you get the best PCB board price online. You can use them during all stages of WellPCB. Wne will provide you with one-stop service and high-quality products. You can send us the documents you need to make and get a quote immediately! What are we waiting for? We have ten years of PCB manufacturing – from the initial quote to the final delivery.If you have any needs, please contact us.

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