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7 Tips on How to Select HDI PCB Manufacturer in Asia

High-Density Interconnector (HDI PCB)  are circuit boards that consist of high wiring densities per unit area. It is when compared to conventional boards. These boards have more elegant lines and spaces. They also feature impressive capture pads, micro vias, and high connection pad density.


When it comes to using HDI PCBs, many users prefer sourcing them. The first option being Asian manufacturers before considering other manufacturers across the globe. The world has many PCB makers, but suppliers and users prefer Asian PCB

But why Asian High-Density Interconnector printed circuit boards? There are several reasons why most users would like Asian manufacturers. This article points out seven reasons why this is the case:

HDI PCB Manufacturer– Timely Delivery

The timely delivery of products to the desired location is very crucial. It plays an essential role in providing an organization with some competitive advantage: companies that want to be a relevant partner with companies that deliver goods without delays. Timely delivery of goods plays a critical role in the success of a business entity.

When it comes to matters of timely delivery of HDI PCB Manufacturer, Asian manufacturers are pros. With more than four billion people, Asia is one of the fastest-growing economies across the globe. It is also the largest continental economy both in GDP Nominal and PPP.

Asian manufacturers face fierce competition from their counterparts in Europe, the US, and South America. But they are well aware of this fact. To remain relevant and competitive, they have to deliver their products on time. Examined closely, this is true. Asian HDI PCB makers have some of the shortest transit times compared to others in the same business.

Timely delivery of HDI PCBs to supplier and customers make Asian manufacturers excel.jpg

HDI PCB Manufacturer– Outstanding Customer Support

Customer service is not just trying to be friendly and courteous to your customers. There is a lot more involved behind the scenes. Customer support is a vital element in the operation of a business entity. It impacts how the larger public views your company.

When it comes to HDI PCBs, many of those in need of these devices choose to work with responsive suppliers. A good percentage of Asian HDI PCB makers have in place great customer care attendants. A look at a few of these manufacturers assures you that they highly value their customers. They use different customer support channels, such as live chat, email, telephone, and even Skype.

always be assured of quality customer support when relying on Asian HDI PCBs.jpg

HDI PCB Manufacturer– HDI PCB High-quality Products

With plenty of options still available to clients, you might be wondering if quality matters. But, the answer is a very resounding, “yes.” With quality not only doing more than offering products that exceed customer standards. High-quality goods are also crucial in building a positive business reputation. You achieve this by always delivering a customer experience that’s “above and beyond.”

Regardless of several viewpoints that the public holds, good product quality is a must. It comes in as a competitive market advantage for business entities. The reason for this is that high-quality products impact essential aspects. They include profitability and purchasing decision. Comparing the quality of HDI PCBs made by Asian manufacturers to those produced by other makers, you’ll notice that the Asian wins in quality.

Many users, wholesalers, and suppliers prefer HDI PCBs from Asian makers due to their high quality. During production, all Asian HDI PCB makers ensure quality isn’t compromised. They do this to ensure that they remain competitive.

When it comes to quality, you get the best HDI PCBs possible in the market.jpg

HDI PCB Manufacturer– Fast Quotation and Ordering Process

As it stands, a slow quotation and ordering process may cripple your business. Much worse if you choose to undertake a manual quotation and ordering process. Here you will have a system that does more harm than good. If you intend to remain competitive, you need to be smart. Ensure that you have a fast quotation and ordering process.

When it comes to executing fast quote and order, Asian HDI PCB manufacturers excel. During the ordering process, you enjoy a speedy and efficient quotation and ordering experience.

They are fast to respond fast to quotations. It streamlines the whole ordering process. When it comes to passages, customers get to know what they have to pay for such services.

Upon receiving a quotation, the ordering process begins. A look at the ordering process of Asian HDI PCB makers assures an effective ordering process. The process involves the following steps:

1. Receiving the order

2. Entering the order into the office system, such as an accounting platform or an ERP

3. Customer notification of the received order

4. Sending and notifying the warehouse of the picked order

5. Actual picking and handling of the order

6. Packaging the order for shipping

7. Shipping

8. Customer notification of incoming order(s)

9. The arrival of the order

Asian HDI PCB manufacturers are the best and the most sought-after in the fast quotation and ordering process.

The ordering process of HDI PCBs is a rather smooth and seamless task.jpg

HDI PCB Competitive Pricing

Competitive pricing is a market-oriented pricing tactic that involves price-setting based on the existing competition. The real competition could be market trends and competitors. Also, they could be costs or consumer demands. With competitive pricing, a business entity controls completion. A firm handles competition by avoiding losing customers and its market share to competitors.

If you compare HDI PCBs’ prices from Asian makers to the rest, you’ll notice that Asian ones are quite cheap. Though, it would help if you did not assume that you get compromised quality. All their HDI PCBs are of high quality but fair when it comes to pricing.

Asian HDI PCB prices are reasonable.jpg

HDI PCB Good Packaging

First impressions matter a lot, and excellent packaging is essential for several reasons. For instance, it ensures the protection of your goods during shipping and handling. With good packaging, you’ll save on production and manufacturing costs. Excellent packaging saves you the trouble of taking care of damaged goods. In the long run, you also cut on the replacement costs.

Excellent packaging is an essential marketing tool. Good packaging does play a crucial role in the success of a business entity. Among other things, good packaging is one of the first things customers get t see when purchasing a product. Excellent packaging helps HDI PCB company’s goods stand out from the rest on the shelf. It also helps such firms to catch the eye of shoppers.

Insufficient packaging is risky. It brings the perception that a product is of inferior quality. It is an aspect that may make buyers significantly less likely to spend their cash on it. Luckily enough, Asian HDI PCB manufacturers are some of the best in the market when it comes to packaging. When sourcing these products from Asian makers, you are assured of impressive packaging since most travel far.

Additional Capabilities and Capacities

Many HDI PCB manufacturers have in place some additional abilities and capabilities. However, Asian HDI PCB manufacturers have extra skills and capacities worth noting. Compared to the rest, Asian manufacturers advanced capabilities include:

1. Huge material and surface finish selections

2. Any layer HDI PCB production

3. Complex rigid-flex HDI products

4. Via in pad/ stacked micro vias

5. Multilayer copper filled HDI PCBs

Asian manufacturers add some capabilities to their HDI boards.jpg


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