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PS4 Controller PCB Circuit Board – What You Need to Know

Just a short while ago, my PS4 controller suddenly failed.


The D-pad directions stopped working on my PS4 controller, but the controller was in otherwise GREAT condition! 


if you need a custom PS4 controller PCB, you must first understand the default controllers’ circuit board texture and components. 


Want to learn more? So let’s get started.


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PS4 Controller PCB Circuit Board Texture

If you want to make your own PS4 controller, you must understand how standard controllers and their circuit board texture work. That way, you will know what the console expects so you can ensure that your custom build will work.


Originally released in 2013, the Sony Model CUH-ZCT1 PlayStation 4 Wireless Controller, also called the DualShock 4, is a wireless control pad for PlayStation devices.


Compatible to both the PlayStation 3 and the PlayStation 4, the controller can also connect to the main console through a Micro USB-B cable. The controller also included a headphone jack, a built-in Mono stereo, and a two-point touchpad.


Video game consoles are some of the most purposely-designed devices in the world. While you can use them as personal computers, their primary function is entertainment. And you can see this throughout their design and components.


Because of this, consoles, and by extension their controllers, often have obscure and proprietary circuit board textures and components, and the PlayStation 4 is no different.


Sure, the main console uses standard computer printed circuit boards (PCB), but the controllers require specialized circuits.


For the most part, the flexible, ribbon-like PS4 Controller circuit board texture is no different from any other PCB. It consists of light, highly durable, nonconductive, fiberglass-like material.  


Another nonconductive layer covers this base plate with securements for attaching the board to the controller’s plastic shell. Finally, a layer of conductive copper sits on top of both to serve as the PCB’s circuit paths.


A nonconductive, protective solder mask then surrounds the entire assembly with enough open metal solder points all over the board. All the controller’s buttons, triggers, and Control sticks attach directly to this top circuit board texture.


In a PS4 controller, this board is split in two panels stacked on top of each other, with additional panels for a USB port, wireless antenna, a heatsink, and a battery.


These two PCBs are typically spread throughout the controller shell and positioned to make suitable and effective contacts with the button keys.


This contact happens through conductive rubber plates affixed to the bottom of the buttons. These plates complete the board’s circuit when you press the buttons.


PS4 Controller PCB Layout

The PS4 Controller must sit comfortably in the hands of the player.  The player must be able to hold it, move the control sticks, and reach and press the buttons. This business restriction dictates the dimensions and layout of the PCB’s circuit board texture.  


The two-PCB format is one such consequence. The DualShock 4 daughter PCB handles all user interactions. It has all the button and trigger switches. The controller PCB also has a LED video game health indicator that shines green for full life and red for low life.


PS4 Controller.png


The controller’s main PCB has all the basic computer logic and connectors, as well as the potentiometers that hold and read the analog sticks.


It has all the features and parts of a typical smartphone with the controller’s processor, USB, and network connections with the console. The main board also has a three-hour backup battery, metal mounting brackets, and a cooling fan assembly.

PS4 Controller PCB Board

Over the years, Sony released seven different variations of the DualShock 4 controller. While they look the same on the outside, their boards have different circuit board textures.


Each layout improved upon the previous model by providing more efficient buttons and input methods. There are also a normal and pro circuit board textures of each variant, but these versions use the same PCB. The Pro textures just have extra connectors on them.


3.1 JDM-001

As the console launch version of the controller, Model Number JDM-001 is the simplest circuit board texture of the five. Found in green or blue, the 001 has all of its button switches in their “active” states.


This means that you can make them work just by connecting them to any ground. The D-pad, Cross, Circle, Square and Triangle buttons do not require anything else to function. However, you must take precautions with the triggers.


“Left 1” and “Right 1” trigger buttons are active as well, but you must connect them to the 3.2-volt line for them to work. On the other hand, the “Left 2’ and “Right 2” triggers require on a pulse width modulation (PWM) signal.


PS4 Controller JDM-001.png


3.2 JDM-011

The second circuit board texture is smaller than the 001 with some of the items moved around but is otherwise identical. The only real difference is in the USB/LED daughter board which was redone with fewer connections. The shell is also smaller, preventing a 1:1 swap or replacement.


PS4 Controller JDM-011.png


3.3 JDM-020

The JDM-020 is the current release circuit board texture for the basic PlayStation 4 console. It features a Freescale ARM chip instead of a Fujitsu one, and it is the first to implement blind vertical interconnect access (via) points, or links between the layers of a multi-layer PCB, for the daughter boards, buttons and connectors.


The via for the X and triangle buttons are on the bottom of the board, while Circle and Square are on top. The 020 also updated the daughter circuit board texture and shell.


The daughter sits as two pieces which connect to the sides of the main board instead of in the middle like they did in previous revisions.


PS4 Controller JDM-020.png


3.4 JDM-030

As the latest slim console controller, the JDM-030 circuit board texture comes with a shell and daughter board redesign. The 030 daughter is a single PCB that connects to the top left of the main board.


PS4 Controller JDM-030.png


3.5 JDM-040, JDM-050. And JDM-055

Only minor differences separate models 040, 050, 055 from each other. The button vias are now near the top right side of the board and allow any ground line to serve as connection points for the buttons.

PS4 Controller PCB Parts

Regardless of the build version, the PS4 controller board takes the user input from the buttons, translates them into something the game console’s software can use.


For the most part, all PS4 controller PCBs use standard circuit board texture components. There are resistors, capacitors, transistors, and the like. These common electronic components make up the bulk of the PCB.


Their job is to ensure the button, USB, and wireless signals arrive at their destinations on time and as intact as possible.


Beyond those basic parts, all PS4 controllers share common user interface components. The number of these components may vary, but they all have the same basic function.


PS4 controller_assembly.png


4.1 Button, Triggers, and Directional Pad Switches

Like on a computer keyboard, the PS4 button switches are not on the PCB but are on the buttons themselves. These switches are just conductive pads that strike the PCB when pressed, completing a monitoring circuit.


This circuit is on the daughter board which just has conductive leads where the buttons press down.


4.2 Analog Stick Modules

Every Dual Shock 4 controller has two analog directional sticks. One is attached to the daughter board with the other attached directly to the main board.


For the most part, the sticks come as complete modules, though you can find them in individual pieces as well.


PS4 controller_assemby.png


Each module has

       1. Sensor wheel and housing

       2. Springs

       3. Stick tact button

       4. A plastic stick


4.3 Battery holder

Upon opening the shell, the battery compartment is the first thing that pops up. There is nothing special about it though. It is just a standard plastic battery holder designed to fit in the case. It connects to the main circuit board texture through a plug.


4.4 Lightbar

The PS4 controller has a built-in light bar that offers an additional point of interactivity in some games. Encased in a glass covering, the bar attaches to the controller through a clip, which in turn connects to the PCBs through a cable.


4.5 Mounting Plate

The PS4 controller PCB does not attach directly to the shell. Instead, it attaches to a mounting plate for stability. It is this plate that directly connects to the shell to hold everything in place.


4.6 Rumble Motors and Wheels

Rumble motors provide user feedback features in some games. A typical controller has two, and they consist of the motors themselves and the wheels that provide the user with feedback.  


4.7 Speaker and Audio System

PlayStation controllers have a basic audio system as well. These systems include a speaker and its driver circuit.


4.8 Touchpad

Along with the control sticks, directional pad, trigger, and buttons, you can control PlayStation 4 games with a touchpad. The touchpad assembly is on top, in the middle of the daughter circuit board texture.


4.9 USB Port and PCB

The USB assembly allows the controller to connect to USB ports on consoles and computer systems. It also serves as the battery charger port. The USB PCB is custom made to fit the controller but uses USB-standard components.


PS4 controller USB_Charge_Port_Socket_Connector.png


4.10 Cooling Fan

Like most electronic devices, a PS4 controller has a built-in cooling fan.


4.11 Bluetooth Wireless antenna

As it is a wireless device, the PS4 controller also boasts a wireless antenna and associated circuitry.


4.12 ARM Processor

Finally, as a wireless device, these controllers also feature an ARM processor integrated circuit. These chips are the hearts of the controllers operating all of the controller’s functions without requiring input from the console.


PS4 Controller PCB Buying Guide

Now, that you know what you need, you can complete your plans for a custom gaming pad, though this knowledge would serve you well if you just need to replace a few broken parts.


Even with this knowledge, you still need the parts before you can complete the project. Asking Sony nicely will not get you very far either. They have no incentive to sell their stuff piece mail.


You need to get your PS4 controller PCB parts and board from a third-party manufacturer.


Of course, you want to find the right manufacturer. While you should always consider pricing, cost should not be your only concern when buying after-market components.


Some things you should consider when buying video game console parts, including stuff for the PlayStation 4, include:


       • PCBs with high tolerance standards. PS4 controllers must withstand many hours of play and therefore require circuitry that can handle the strain.


       • High-quality parts and materials – You need reliable parts made from quality materials sourced from reliable vendors.


       • Excellent customer support. Therefore, you want a manufacturer whom you can trust to deliver them and help you replace them when they break down.


       • Quick delivery times. You want a supplier who will deliver your PCBs and parts on schedule, reducing project delays and inconveniences.


You also want the assurance they every part you by is certified and tested to work with all PS4 consoles and accessories. You are building a gaming device. You should expect the parts you put in it have the design and capacity to handle that environment.


PS4 Controller without_mounting_plate.png


Automated PS4 Controller Construction Available

You should also consider PCB automation. PCB automation takes raw materials and makes your entire PCB assembly with just a push of a button. All you must do is stand and wait at the end conveyor for your finished product.


The process allows for the mass production of PCBs that meet Sony’s PS4 controller circuit board texture specifications and requirements.



We have PCB automation machines that will increase the production of your PCB semiautomatic equipment. Our system uses a standalone router to route your PCBAs into independent assemblies, allowing you to produce and accommodate more PCBs.


We even have the Laser Singulation system for building flexible circuit boards textures. That way you can work with multiple designs at the same time.


We will even help you choose the best parts for your project, ensuring that you will enjoy your creation to ensure that you have the best gaming and customer experience with us.


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