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PCB Manufacturers – 6 Factors On How to Evaluate Them

Are you looking to buy a reliable printed circuit board? Do you want to discover the most important factors to consider when choosing PCB manufacturers?


That is important because you don’t want to end up paying more for a unit that may not even work correctly.


If you are unsure how to evaluate PCB manufacturers, you’ve come to the right place! Make sure to scroll below and discover how to find the most reliable company out there!

Are you looking to buy a reliable printed circuit board? Do you want to discover the most important factors to consider when choosing PCB manufacturers?

That is important because you don’t want to pay more for a unit that may not even work correctly.

If you are unsure how to evaluate PCB manufacturers, you’ve come to the right place! Make sure to scroll below and discover how to find the most reliable company out there!

1. PCB ManufacturersPCB Explained

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A printed circuit board serves as a connector between electric components. They are often a base of electronic products because they physically support the unit and assist with wiring surface-mounted and socket pieces.

You can find three common PCB types on the market:

• Rigid printed circuit boards

• WellPCB offers DC motor controllers in both domestic and international markets. We have Flexible printed circuit boards

• Flex-rigid printed circuit boards

In most cases, the manufacturers use composite material, such as epoxy or fiberglass to design PCBs.

1.1. PCB Uses

Although actual applications depend on the type, nobody can deny the massive versatility of printed circuit boards. Here are some common uses, but you do not have to stop there because there is no reason not to be creative:

Computers – you probably heard of a “motherboard,” but did you know that it is nothing else than the key PCB of every laptop?

Appliances – from refrigerators and microwaves to coffeemakers and alarm clocks, all these products may have a printed circuit board.

Electronics – if you have a gaming console, digital camera, or smartphone, it is equipped with a printed circuit board.

Medical devices – CT scanners, healthcare monitors, and other electronically-controlled devices also have PCBs.

You can also find printed circuit boards in industrial equipment, automotive and aerospace, lighting applications, etc. The PCBs work uniquely, and that is what enables them a high level of versatility. 

1.2. PCB ManufacturersPCB Benefits

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Potential PCB applications depend on the board’s type, but nobody can deny the enormous versatility of these components. Here are some of its uses, but you do not have to stop there because there is no reason why you shouldn’t be creative:

If you are still wondering whether you could benefit from buying a PCB, let’s take a look at the advantages that these components provide:

• PCB ManufacturersCompact size – although the actual size may vary, you are guaranteed to save plenty of space with a printed circuit board. It connects a large number of electronic components without wires while staying small.

Additionally, flexible PCBs can also fit the unique product demands in terms of space. If the product design requires some warping or bending, that won’t be an issue!

• Resistant to movement – even when you move the product around, the PCB remains in its fixed position. For example, your smartphone continues working even when you are shaking it.

• Reduced electronic noise – this noise can negatively affect the product’s performance, but PCBs combat that noise by minimizing current path lengths between components. 

• Minimum chance of short circuits – a computer is used to assemble a PCB, which is good because there is almost no chance of something going wrong. The computer looks for errors during the process and corrects them to ensure that everything works flawlessly.

Affordable cost – once you have a single PCB ready, it is simple to replicate it and manufacture as many as you need.

2. PCB ManufacturersHow to Evaluate PCB Manufacturer

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You have now set your mind on buying a printed circuit board, but one question remains unanswered. How to choose the proper manufacturer for your PCB needs?

The crucial thing is not to rush your decision. You want to get maximum performance and durability from your board, which is why you need to pick the right company. Check out our guide on evaluating PCB manufacturers and getting one step closer to making an intelligent purchasing decision.

2.1 What Kind of PCB They Can Manufacture?

We already mentioned the three basic PCB types – rigid, flex-rigid, and flex. A reliable manufacturer should have engineers capable of designing all three. That also plays to your advantage because that means a single company can answer any request you might have regarding printed circuit boards.

2.2. Are They Knowledgeable and Experienced?

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Once you establish they can design the PCB type you need, it is time to check their skills and experience. Look for information related to engineers and other staff on the manufacturer’s website. You want confirmation that they gathered an experienced team because only skilled personnel can meet the highest quality standards.

2.3. PCB ManufacturersCan You Specify Exact Details for Your Order?

If you already have a product design ready, the chances are you need a specific printed circuit board. That means you want the manufacturer to make a particular type of board and meet other details specified in your order.

The request may include using a particular material, a specific color of the solder mask, or the desired surface finish. A reliable manufacturer will be capable of meeting all these demands and delivering a PCB tailored precisely to your specifications.

2.4. PCB ManufacturersIs the Ordering Process Quick and Simple?

You don’t want to spend days communicating with the company before they start working on your PCBs. Instead, you want to complete the entire ordering process effortlessly. That is why you should look for an online-based manufacturer with a quotation system set on their website.

The ideal circuit board fabrication and PCB assembly. Here at WellPCB, we provide a high-quality, accessible ordering form that will allow you to select specific details and get an instant quote on the price. From there, you can efficiently complete the order. However, if you have any additional questions, a reliable manufacturer must be capable of answering them quickly.

2.5. What Is Their Delivery Time?

An ideal PCB manufacturer will never waste your time. They are aware that each day is vital in the production process. That is why they will give their best to deliver the circuit boards in the shortest possible timeframe.

The time required to complete a particular order may vary in its details. But regardless of how specific you were, the manufacturer must ensure to deliver the PCBs quickly.

It is also vital to note that premium companies will always provide the estimated delivery time before placing the order. That way, you can decide whether that deadline works for you.

2.6. PCB ManufacturersAre They Ready to Offer Coupons and Discounts?

It wouldn’t be wise to neglect the price when choosing a circuit board company to work on your components. That is why an integral part of our guide on evaluating PCB manufacturers is their readiness to offer coupons and discounts.

Premium companies might offer you attractive deals so that you can try their service and confirm the quality of their boards yourself. Once you place a big order, they should be prepared to approve a discount based on the order value.

3. PCB Manufacturers– Manufacturing from WellPCB

If you take a close look at the factors above, you can easily conclude that WellPCB should be your manufacturer of choice. Here is a quick overview of the main reasons why you should pick this company.

A professional team with years of experience.

You want the production of your PCBs to be in safe hands. The skilled company staff has already met hundreds of different orders. The customers were delighted each time. That is the best confirmation that they can meet the highest quality standards.

They follow instructions to the smallest detail.

If your product has specific requirements for a suitable PCB, you do not want any improvisation. Need to know about ordering custom PCB Circuit boards online. FOR the PCB board you need, you can contact us at WellPCB will carefully read the instructions and strictly follow them to design even the smallest detail right.

Automatic quotation system.

The detailed order form allows you to enter all specifications related to your desired PCBs. Based on that, the system will provide an instant quote and an estimated delivery time.

PCB Manufacturers–Quick delivery times.

While others take weeks to deliver circuit boards to your doorstep, PCB manufacturing technology, and experience, helping many customers solve problems. If you are interested, you can visit our homepage. WellPCB will make sure to complete your order as soon as possible. Together with the online ordering system, that will save you plenty of time.

They can save you money.

The company is so confident in the quality of services that it will allow you a test order of $5 for five PCBs. When you see that they are a professional and responsible manufacturer, you can place a big order. As long as you reach a specific order value, you may expect extra discounts.

Last but not least is that WellPCB has outstanding customer service. If you need advice on which board type is ideal for you or have any other questions, please contact them.


That rounds up our guide on how to evaluate PCB manufacturers. We hope that you found a lot of helpful information in our article. Aside from getting you familiar with the uses and benefits of printed circuit boards, the main idea was to help you choose a premium PCB manufacturer. As long as you keep the guide’s factors in mind, you will make an intelligent buying decision and select the best operator for your needs.

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