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The Most Famous PCB Design Software Ultimate Guide

The Most Famous PCB Design Software Ultimate Guide


There are many software tools available for PCB design. The online tools to develop PCB design software are the most famous.


1. PCB Web Designer

2. Zenit PCB

3. Tiny CAD


5. BSch3V

6. Express PCB


8. Fritzing

1. PCB Web Designer:

This PCB design software is available for free with complete features and has no restrictions to your board size, the number of components to be used on board. I also support Gerber file export. It however does not allow import from other CAD software. Component data are stored in XML forma and is supported by major windows versions like XP, 7,8, Vista

2. Zenit PCB:

This is a freeware in which you can design a semi-professional PCB with limitations of pin count to 1000. This freeware is learnt very easily by beginners and can be used very fast.

3. Tiny CAD:

This is a program that is used to draw circuit diagrams (schematics) and supports custom and standard libraries for components. It supports PCB several netlists and can produce SPICE simulation


For Macintosh system, OSMOND PCB is a good choice. It gives complete flexibility in terms of board size, shape, number of layers, component orientation, trace width, and trace angles. Gives you the spatial resolution of up to 10nm. It can generate Gerber and drill files for PCB fabrication purpose.

5. BSch3V:

It is free software for basic schematics capture. It has component library editor, parts list generator, netlist generator and operate in windows vista, 7/8/10

6. Express PCB:

The quick movement of the idea into the physical product is possible using this freeware Express PCB Plus. The beginners and professionals can work in this software for rapid development of circuit diagram and PCB layouts.


The latest release of KICAD 4.0.7 stable includes enhanced features like critical bug fixes. It has improved 3D models libraries, footprints, symbols and documentation.It is open source software for EDA (Electronic Design Automation) with schematics, PCB layout and GERBER files output for PCB fabrication.

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8. Fritzing:

New Fritzing release 0.9.3b software allows automatic update of parts library through the online database. Critical bug fixes, High DPI display support, easier handling of self-created and custom parts. This software is aimed to Arduino and processing circuits for rapid prototype development and sharing user documents with each other.

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