PCB Assembly Service

There are several reasons for the popularity of China PCB Assembly service. That one of the most worthy to mention reason is its low cost with super quality.

WellPCB is providing One-Stop PCB Assembly Turnkey Services to meet almost any needs you may require. This Page will help you to know more about our PCBA services and capabilities.

1、PCB Assembly Features

♦ Military standard PCB Assembly UL standard processing

♦ Mixed technical loading, Surface and through-hole mounting

♦ BGA, QFP, QFN … mounting

♦ Rigid-flexible board loading

♦ One side & double side loading

♦ Programming, AOI Inspection, Function Test

♦ Housing Assembly, Cable Assembly

♦ ROHS compliant and lead-free process

2、Components Procurement

♦ Capacitors and Resistor in stock
♦ Digi-key, Mouser, Element 14 for Small Quantity Order.
♦ Arrow, Avnet, and Future for Mass Production


♦ No Minimum Quantity Required
♦ One-Stop Service to Meet all customer's Requirements and Save Time
♦ Lead-Free Crest + Post-Weld + Check
♦ Stencil Manufacturing

4、Assembly Capability Overview

♦ ISO 9001:2008 certified.
♦ RoHS & Lead-Free Assembly.
♦ Consigned Components or Turnkey.
♦ Small quantities and quick turnaround available.
♦ Single or double-sided mixed technology PCB assembly.
♦ Capability to handle virtually any device including all types of BGAs, CGAs, QFNs, DFNs, CSPs, and Sons.
♦ BGA and Micro-BGA installation and rework with 100% X-Ray Inspection, Automated Optical Inspection.
♦ SMT, Through Hole assembly, Single/double side SMT, Single/double sides mixture assembly.
♦ Accuracy: <±40μm, under the condition of 3σ,CPK≥1., Angle accuracy <±0.06°.
♦ Components Size:SMT 01005 to 100mm×80mm.
♦ Minimum width/space of QFP: 0.15mm/0.3mm, Minimum diameter /space of BGA: 0.2mm/0.35mm.
♦ Maximum part’s highness: 18mm, Maximum part’s weight:30g.
♦ PCB Size:50mm×50mm~450mm×406mm, PCB Thickness:0.5mm~4.5mm.
♦ Placer speed:60,000 chips per hour, Feeders number: 140 pieces of 8 mm reel feeders,28 IC tray feeders. (More On Assembly)


pcb assembly.jpg

5、Assembly Equipment

WellPCB Assembly Equipment is critical to achieving high-quality supply and expedient delivery time. We constantly revise the suitability of our equipment and continually strive to use the latest state of the art PCB Assembly Equipment.


Our PCBA equipment is always calibrated and checked for its effectiveness with our stringent quality assurance system. (Know more)


pcb assembly equipment.jpg

6、Quality Assurance

Our PCB Assembly factory is ISO9001 Certified. For bare PCB manufacture, we also have ISO and UL certifications. Our overall assembly capabilities ensure that we will deliver products that meet today’s high-quality standards. (More On Certifications)

Do You Have Any Question About PCB Manufacturing Or PCB Assembly?

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