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As we all know the labors and costs of technique or manufacturing industries shows much lower than some developed countries.There are a lot of China PCB Manufacture Companies in China. But how to choose a right China PCB Manufacturing Company may be not easy. You need to search or view many fourms or websites to decide. There is a price comparison site of pcb manufacturing companies named pcbshopper.It can tell us something about some cheap PCB Manufacturing Companies.




2.China PCB Manufacture Company Introduction


1.Take Australia and the same specification as an example:


The following screenshots are some of the pcb manufacturing companies in China and other countries:


China PCB Manufacture.png


We can see there is a big difference between China PCB Manufacturing Companies and PCB Manufacturing in developed countries.


This is Which is focusing on pcb prototype with high quality and reasonable price to people around the world. One of our clients from Australia ordered rush pcb prototype. We provide quick service(manufacturing and deliver in 24 hours and they got our boards in 5 days!)


China PCB Manufacture.png



2.China PCB Manufacture Company Introduction


WELLPCB is Focusing on Printed Circuit Board Fabrication and PCB Assembly Turnkey Services, to meet the requirement of High Quality, low cost, fast delivery, easy ordering from customers around the world.


In generally, China PCB manufacture Company are cheaper than European PCB manufacturers.


Viewing our full offering of pcb manufacturing capabilities,you are able to get instant online pcb quote without having to register. Our team is available to consult you on your pcb fabrication project via email or phone.


We also support our customers with quickturn pcb sevice.Full feature service,Flexible boards,Rigid-FLex boards, PCB stencil, PCB Assembly Turnkey Service.


Maybe the price shows the same but now the service becoming more and more important! So choosing a right PCB Manufacturing Company need consider many factors not only prices,right?